Granite Slabs: Texas Showroom

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Granite Slabs: Texas Showroom
One of the best materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops, walls and floors, is granite slab. Beautiful and durable, this natural stone adds value and elegance to any home. In Texas, there are many suppliers of granite slab. Unfortunately, many of the stone suppliers in Texas have their products on display in outdoor yards, and shopping in the heat, humidity and wind can be both exhausting and uncomfortable. Looking at stone in the dust or the hot sun can also distort the color or appearance of the slab. The best way to shop for natural stone slab is to find a premier stone supplier that offers a more reasonable shopping experience. Omni Surfaces, for example, maintains a 50,000 square foot showroom that’s both well-lit and fully air-conditioned. This type of venue allows you to find the perfect piece of granite comfortably, and on your own time. But before you shop for your ideal granite countertop, it’s good to know some basic facts.

So What is Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock that forms when magma cools slowly beneath the earth’s surface. It features large, visible crystals of quartz, feldspar and mica along with other minerals that give it color, patterning and texture. It’s quarried in virtually every country in the world, and with a "7” rating on the Mohs scale, it’s one of the hardest and most durable substances on Earth.
Throughout history, granite has been used for monuments and great architectural works. Since the 1980s, technological advances in extracting and processing have made quarrying more efficient, which has led to greater accessibility and affordability of this luxury stone. The stone is quarried, processed and then shipped to suppliers. Better suppliers also pre-seal the stone. A common slab size is 8ft x 5ft with a thickness of 2-3cm.
After you choose the slab you want, the supplier will sell it to the fabricator of your choice, who will shape it for your project, apply the finish and the edging that you select, and install it.
With proper care, your granite surface will stay beautiful. It’s heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. You can clean your stone surface with a damp cloth or use mild stone cleaner if necessary. Periodically, you may need to reseal your granite surface; this is a simple process that usually takes less than an hour and helps to keep the integrity of the stone.

The Beauty of Granite

Granite is available in a staggering array of colors and patterns. You can select a cream colored granite with subtle gold flecks or a tan granite with slight grey speckles; these neutral shades of stone will coordinate with any type of interior design or décor. Or you might want to choose a granite countertop that will be a featured element of design. A deep red exotic granite from Brazil with bold patterning or a multi-striated purple and pink amethyst granite from Sweden could become a stunning centerpiece for your kitchen.
Find an indoor, air-conditioned Texas showroom near you and explore the advantages of granite slab countertops, floors, walls, fireplaces, and design accents. Add beauty, value and durability to your home!